why Force Awakens worked perfectly

why Force Awakens worked perfectly


Its no doubt that Force Awakens reignited Star Wars for a ton of people.

Its on its way to be the biggest movie ever but why did it work so well?

The answer to that is its a New Hope for a new and old generation.

Lets be honest when the lights dim and those words appeared on the screen the older generation was filled with awe…and fear. Fear that Force Awakens wouldn’t live up to the hype just like the prequels didn’t. But from that first scene all the way to the end we were cheering and crying just like when we were kids because lets face it it was the movie we saw as kids. The death of an older wiser hero, the villain that we don’t know quite what to make of yet, the young heroes on their way to becoming legends in space and a giant planet destroying machine. Am i talking about a New Hope or Force Awakens? It doesn’t matter. JJ Abrams set up the world, heroes and villains for us and a new generation of fans and just like before we can’t wait to see what comes next!!!

Now with that being said lets go with something new we haven’t seen before for the next one, lets NOT start on a snow world, and lets not have Finn or Rey encased in a carbonite like substance… take me on a new adventure.


You have my undivided attention now lets see what new world you come up with!



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