A quick guide on how to internet

A quick guide on how to internet


Guys this list is for you.  It’s a short list so take a second to read it.


1. don’t be a dick- this seems obvious but lately I’ve seen all too many comments and posts that are just there to be a dick.
2. if a girl is on the internet, she doesn’t owe you ANYTHING! I don’t care if she has a fan page and you’re her biggest fan, she owes you nothing!!!! She never has to respond to you, she never has to even read your messages, she owes you NOTHING.
3. don’t EVER hit on girls fan page. Do you know them in real life? REALLY KNOW THEM??? Are you friends with them and see them on a fairly regular basis? If the answer is yes then you have many opportunities to “hit on them” some other way. If the answer is no you aren’t friend with them(and lets face it the answer is no) then DON’T hit on them! Not even a little, comes off as creepy (But when I do it…) STOP. It comes off as creepy. it’s not cute, you won’t win them over IT.IS.CREEPY.
4. never ever tell them what you want to do to them- I would give you examples but they are so gross. This REALLY isn’t going to win them over, they aren’t at home thinking “well I wasn’t into him at all but then he told me he wanted to eat my ass and wow am I in love now!!!” This has never gotten anyone laid EVER. It doesn’t work, it’s not funny, sexy, macho or cool its just sad.
5. this shouldn’t even have to be said but STOP SENDING DICK PICS. NO girl wants to see them and if she did guess what??? She would ASK you for them! Would you like random guys sending you dick pix daily? NO??? Really what a shock, NEITHER DO THEY.
6. Let me educate you on something. Sending a girl a message saying you are going to rape them can and will be used against you in a court of law! IP addresses are very easy to acquire and even easier for law enforcement to use to come and pick you up and arrest you( remember that thing about not wanting to see dicks? Well jail has a lot of dicks and *gasp* rapists)

How sad is it that any of the above needs to be said? It’s 2015, we’ve had the internet as long as most of you have been alive. Stop being abusive. There’s no excuse. If you all stopped trolling, threatening and mentally scarring girls online you might MIGHT have an easier chance of talking to girls in real life, they wouldn’t be so shaken from all of the abuse they’ve been receiving daily online.

It’s a short list for a reason.  It’s easy to be normal online, try it. Oh and if you do this to a friend of mine online, I will find you and I will hurt you.  I will protect and be there for my friends 24/7.


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