why you won’t see Force Awakens posts here

why you won't see Force Awakens posts here

star-wars-force-awakens_612x380I know the name of my site is taken from Star Wars and I have seen every Star Wars movie in the theaters multiple times since the very first one came out in 77. I remember being dropped off and seeing Empire and Return of the Jedi over and over. I remember every amazing Christmas where I would play with snowspeeders and even the Ewok Playset.

Let me take you back to my first time, my mom took me to see a movie that forever changed me, I had no idea what we were seeing, I don’t even recall seeing a trailer or a commercial for it first. The lights went down and all of a sudden I was in space, robots were fighting humans (I thought Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers were robots, I was 7 back off) and I remember being in awe! This was the best movie I had ever seen, I couldn’t get enough, I can’t tell you how many times I saw it originally but I do remember the next summer(or some months after) it was re-released and that was it my life WAS Star Wars! I needed every toy, I needed to see C3PO on Donny and Marie or whatever show they were on, I bought and read every book, every StarLog, every cheesy crappy misinformation magazine that was released!


And do you know what the best thing about it was? I walked in not knowing what I would see! Trailers back then were voice overs telling me that my favorite characters were back and that’s about it, there weren’t a spoiler a day leading up to the movies, there wasn’t social media ruining every scene, posting HUNDREDS of pics from set. I walked in the first time not knowing ANYTHING and loving every second, then when Empire came out I knew I was going to see new creatures and ships and that was about it. When Jedi came out I knew a bit more but nowhere near what people will know when they walk into Force Awakens next month.


I purposefully watched the first teaser trailer for Force Awakens, felt that same old love I had for the original trilogy then put up filters so I wouldn’t see anything else. I don’t want to know! I haven’t been to a toy section or toy store, I haven’t watched any commercials or anything since that first amazing teaser. My goal is to walk in not knowing anything and sit in the dark and be transported not only to a galaxy far away but back to 1977.

After my first 3 showings(I already have tickets for Thursday, Friday and Saturday) I will write a review and I’m sure I will run out and buy EVERYTHING.




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