Elio Motors – investors meetup

Elio Motors - investors meetup

Tonight Elio Motors gave a hearty thank you to it’s investors in Play Vista.
Paul Elio and VP of Sales Jerome Vassallo were on hand to meet and greet AND answer some questions.

2016 is official!
The Elios will hit the streets by end of 2016.

Facebook fans will pick one of the colors the production model will come in very soon.

The P5 (the final prototype) will be made soon and models P6-30 will be for safety and testing ratings.
(Paul wouldn’t give an exact date on when the P5 will be done but he insisted they will be working harder than ever to have it ready as quick as humanly possible)

The production model won’t include a hitch but will have the mounts needed for one. (So all on the forums thinking about buying a small trailer can start looking.)

The rear seat is being lowered 2 inches and they are adding more padding to it as well.

The reason you can’t put more money down on your reservation? It has nothing to do with legal matters it is Paul’s decision to A. remain ethical and B. it was more to gauge interest in the product than to get small amounts of capital at the early stages.

Finally as talked about this week the P5 will have some slight changes and these changes will reduce drag by 17%
(this is only a rendering but you will notice raised hood lines, the wiper is now hidden under the hood, the wheel covers have been redsigned and the exhaust is showing through the rear side of the Elio now)



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