Student Bodies- the return of the sex filled comedy

Student Bodies- the return of the sex filled comedy

Student Bodies reminds me of the sex filled comedies that I grew up with like Summer School, and like Summer School this movie is about a rag tag group of misfits coming together to better themselves and their often mis-guided but loving teacher. This time though we have the incredibly talented and incredibly beautiful Whitney Moore in the role of the teacher. She’s a (not so spoiler) virgin that returns to her high school as the sex ed teacher, if you don’t know Whitney Moore then stop what you’re doing after reading this review and watch EVERYTHING she’s in. She is set to be a huge star, she’s got the looks and talent of a modern day Lucille Ball, she can make you root for her character instantly and turn from bitchy to loving at whiplash speeds. When you see the credits you think that Tom Arnold or Simon Rex will be the ones to carry this film but Whitney not only carries it she raises the bar in every scene. Also like those raunchy comedies of yesteryear this movie has your fill of boobs and bodily fluids that will make you laugh and gross you out. It’s a really funny look at modern day high school and the terrors of trying to teach Sex Ed to kids that are more sexually active and experienced then modern day adults.

As you might know from my other posts on Hollywookiee, I don’t like to give scene by scene descriptions of movies because movies are meant to be seen and enjoyed and not read about line for line and trust me when I say you need to see this movie and you will enjoy it! Female led comedies are few and far between but lately that’s been changing for the better and I think that Student Bodies will be another in a long line of great coming of age comedies that have been sorely lacking at the movies.

This movie has something for everyone so I hope everyone gives it the chance it deserves!



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