Guardians of the Galaxy-spoiler free review

Guardians of the Galaxy-spoiler free review


Hated it!!!

Where were the transforming robots and quick jumps and mindless explosions??? Or how about a premise so dumbed down that my nephews even think its stupid???
What the hell was with the witty dialogue and plot that is captivating and visually stimulating???
Oh sure it’s the best Marvel movie to date and yes EVERYONE was great and sure the characters were well developed, believable and real but there wasn’t even a second of dialogue so bad it made me groan in the entire movie. Not cool Marvel! I have come to expect so little in summer blockbusters and you gave me soooo much amazingness. James Gunn’s visuals were mind-blowing and every character, even the CG ones, were moving and realistic. Groot didn’t even Jar Jar once the whole movie?!!
I love the comic book and here you go making a faithful adaptation that keeps everything I loved from the comic book and didn’t change everything like say TMNT. I don’t know how to sit through a movie and love every second of it anymore, I WASN’T PREPARED FOR HOW INCREDIBLE MOVIES CAN BE!!!

I mean this movie set things up and moved the story along and had a point!!!

So good job making a movie that everyone will love whether they know the characters or not, if you set out to make the best marvel movie then yay I guess you did it, now you have to live with this being the bar for all other movies. Bravo.

OK now seriously, let me take a moment to thank James Gunn, you made the movie I saw in my head whenever I read the comics, I can honestly say this was the best movie going experience I’ve had in forever. I cannot thank you enough for taking my favorite characters and making them even better than I could possibly imagine. There needs to be higher than 100% on rotten tomatoes for this movie alone. They somehow managed to pack EVERYTHING from the comics into this movie and still have it make sense and make me want more. I was hoping I could just stay in my seat and have them play it again so I could look at the stuff I’m sure I missed the first time. In fact, I have never been so bummed after a press screening because I have to wait 3 more days until I can see this movie again and again and again. If you don’t walk out of this movie wanting your very own Groot then something is seriously wrong with you.



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