Guardians of the Galaxy-17 minutes in heaven

Guardians of the Galaxy-17 minutes in heaven


I went to the preview of Guardians of the Galaxy tonight and I would have gladly stayed and watched the 17 minutes they showed us at least 2 more times! I loved every second of it and I’m not exaggerating when I say this 17 minutes was better than any full length summer blockbuster movie I’ve seen this year.

the preview started with a brief introduction, a flash of who’s who, then it goes all out in an amazing, funny, bad ass 10-12 minute scene where you fall in love with Rocket and Groot. Both of theses CGI characters have more life in the this 10 minutes then any of the characters in the Star Wars prequels. The level of emotion from Vin Diesel’s I am Groot is incredible and I’m kidnapping the next raccoon I see in my neighborhood and putting him in a Rocket costume. After this was a sizzle reel of sorts with some new footage. We see Yondu, Thanos’ throne, and more but still nothing about HOW this will connect with the Marvel universe we’ve come to love. There’s a flash of planet Earth but I couldn’t tell if it was significant and if any part of the movie would actually take place there.

Bottom line is even if you don’t know these characters James Gunn has gone above and beyond to make this the perfect movie for hard-core fans or just the random movie viewer. I won’t spoil anymore of what I saw in details because trust me when I say that August is all about Guardians of the Galaxy and you won’t be disappointed!!!



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