time to vote For Hollywookiee’s nerd girl of the year

time to vote For Hollywookiee's nerd girl of the year

who will it be this year?
We’ve gotten a ton of emails asking when the voting starts and who should be on the list so lets share the top contenders now!

Felicia Day- Fan favorite every year and this year is no exception
felicia-day-65251download (1)
Adrienne Curry- She won last year guys! But ok she’s on the list
Danica McKellar- She’s been on our radar since 2011
download (2) - Copy
Clare Grant- always a fan fave
clare-grant-09 - Copy
Rileah Vanderbilt- Team Unicorn gets a lot of love every year

SO these are the top emailed nerd girls but you still have time! We don’t announce until July around Comic Con so vote now and vote often! send votes to curt@hollywookiee.com or comment below! (comments hidden to stop rage wars)


Contact: curt@hollywookiee.com

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