Shows come and go all the time but it’s time to be the first of your friends to watch these amazing shows. I have mixed in some shows that are even on Netflix that must have been cancelled. I don’t know why no one watched these because the acting and writing were incredible!

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10. True Detective- Woody Harrelson and Matthew McCongouhy “star” in this Se7en knock-off about two cops trying to solve a grizzly murder, this show isn’t even doing well enough to keep them around IF it gets a second season. I looked it up online and it turns out the producers are going to try a pair of female detectives if they get picked up next season to try and get people to watch this show.
9. Game of Thrones- I can understand why this show doesn’t have a big following. Incest, murder, dragons, and Middle Earth doesn’t lend itself to a hit show but if you stick with this show I guarantee you will like some of the characters.
8. Sherlock- This show from BBC isn’t even getting high enough ratings or viewers to get full seasons! They only have enough in the budget to make like 6 episodes a year! It stars Benidrick Cunderthatch as Sherlock Holmes in modern times! Watch these episodes and write to BBC and tell them to try and make a full season next year.
7. The Wire- This was a fan submission from Hollywookiee’s facebook page so I can’t honestly tell you what this old show was about.
6. The Sopranos- Sadly this show was cancelled before they could even finish filming the final scene. If you like Analyze This starring Billy Crystal then you might like this show too.
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5. Firefly- If you have ever watched Bones then you will know the star of this old show, shot in the 80’s for a fledgling Fox network, this show is like an old west Star Trek and you will love it!
4. House of Cards- Kevin Spacey’s career isn’t what it used to be so he’s doing webisodes now, but even though it’s only for youtube this show is pretty good! It’s a political thriller but don’t worry they throw boobs in to make up for all the politics.
3.Dr Who- This show has been on tv in Europe forever but unfortunately it can’t keep a regular cast, they try so hard to make good episodes but every few years the actors give up and seemingly retire. It’s about time people in other countries start watching it, be the first among your friends to watch a show about a guy that flies around in a spaceship(due to budget constraints they just use a box) If you liked Buck Rogers when you were a kid you will like this show!
2. The Shield- Starring the Fantastic Four’s Michael Chickles, this is a gritty cop drama that never got the viewers it needed to stay on the air. I really wish TV would give shows a chance like they used to and maybe this show could have found its audience.
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1.Breaking Bad- This show isn’t on the air anymore sadly, if only people would’ve watched it they might have made more. It stars Bryan Cranston, best known for Malcom in the Middle, as a drug dealer/teacher. Trust me and be the first of your friends to watch this hidden gem.


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