Community is definitely back

Community is definitely back

Last nights double feature of the newest season of Community proved 2 things.
1. The show runner matters, the heart and the feel of the classic, hilarious, touching Community is back and there’s one man to thank for it. Dan Harmon. The show just feels right again, the gang have hearts and aren’t some caricature like the forgettable season 4’s group.
2. IT’S BACK! The anything can happen and yet stay grounded feel of the show is back. Abed’s demented portrayal of Nicolas Cage will live forever in GIF form everywhere. Jeff’s struggle is real again and heartfelt. Pierce’s send off was even heartfelt and obviously completely unexpected. The only thing that worries about this season of Community is Donald Glover’s imminent departure. I don’t want him to go, Abed needs Troy and so do the fans.

If these two episodes are any indication of the upcoming season then welcome back Community! Six seasons and a movie indeed.
So I know I sound like a broken record but THANK YOU DAN HARMON!!!



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