Well last night people everywhere took a break from social media long enough to enjoy SHEILD. Sure, some of the more douchey people would live tweet or facebook about the show ruining it for the rest that can’t watch it live or worse live on the west coast, but enough about the spoilerholes, let’s talk about the show.

SPOILER FREE REVIEW commencing in 3,2,1

Shield was the best pilot on TV since LOST, say what you will about the rest of the series but the LOST pilot was brilliant. Shield had the best production value I’ve seen in years and ties in beautifully with the universe that Marvel the setting up, it doesn’t skimp on the “universe you’ve come to love”. The main focus for the pilot was on Coulson and a smart idea since I don’t know what to think of the new cast quite yet having a familiar face or two definitely helped me accept the rest of the team and I’m eager to see more from them. But I will say that the first thing I noticed was that it was instantly apparent that Joss Whedon wrote this, it has his easily recognizable wit and one liners. It just feels like The Avengers credits rolled and this episode was the end cap to the credits. I think that the show had enough of a hook that nerds and casual fans of the movies will come back for more every week and yes it’s become cliche’ to end every episode on TV with an AHA moment and Shield doesn’t disappoint.

Great work everyone, now please invite me down to come on the set and walk around that plane!!!




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