GO SEE WILLOW CREEK…this movie needs to be seen

GO SEE WILLOW CREEK...this movie needs to be seen


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, let Bobcat make all the movies. Bobcat’s movies are original, well thought out, the dialog is so well written that you swear you are just eaves dropping on the weirdest conversations out there and hell Bobcat is just so damn good as a writer and director. This time instead of his usual spot on social commentary Bobcat has done a found footage Bigfoot movie. I know what you’re thinking found footage movies suck and I can’t agree more, the genre is played out but like every other movie he’s done this movie does not suck in the least, in fact it’s so suspenseful it makes you think you actually are watching the most fucked up found footage documentary ever made. I say this as the most sincere compliment I can, watching this movie last night I couldn’t tell where a trip to a bizarre little Bigfoot community town that someone filmed ended and a scripted movie began, it is the realest movie I think I’ve ever seen. Remember when Blair Witch was “leaked” to the internet? I watched it months before it was a thing and after I watched it I couldn’t help but wonder how much was acting, it just didn’t seem authentic, well Willow Creek never has that moment that takes you out of it. Bobcat brilliantly takes a couple to a small town fascinated with Bigfoot to do a documentary on the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot footage(the Bigfoot footage that started everything) and the movie just unfolds unto the creepiest thing I’ve seen. the town itself(a real town by the way) is like something out of Twin Peaks, warm and cozy but with an underlying creepy factor. I stupidly told Bobcat after the movie this is one of my favorite films he’s ever done and I meant it, it’s a brilliant film but I shouldn’t have said that to someone who’s writing I respect so much, so Bobcat if you’re reading this please note that I love your writing and I count your films as some of my favorite films ever. The reason I said this one was my favorite yet is that I was just so shocked how much I loved this movie and how great and suspenseful it really is. You keep outdoing yourself as a film maker and I thank you for it.

I won’t spoil the movie but you will love the way it makes you wonder what the hell you just watched and I mean that in the best way possible. Corporate Hollywood take notes from Bobcat’s movies, you can do a movie outside the box with intelligent conversations, witty dialogue and great characters and the generation you want to go see your movies will love every minute of them. I was a Bigfoot fan before I saw this movie and I’m and even bigger Bigfoot fan now. Thank You Bobcat for one of the best nights out at the movies I’ve had in a long time.
One final note to the readers, if you aren’t going to see this movie you are wasting its brilliant talent and great storytelling and you aren’t supporting independent film makers that we need so desperately so I won’t ever have to sit through crap like R.I.P.D. ever again.



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