Maria Bamford-Ask Me About My New God

Maria Bamford-Ask Me About My New God

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I will be honest, I didn’t know who Maria Bamford was before the newest season of Arrested Development, then she quickly became one of my favorite characters on that show. Debrie Bardeaux was hands down one of the best characters Mitch Hurwitz has created for AD and she was the perfect companion for Tobias. I went to her IMDB page and she has been on everything! If you laughed at a bizarre show she was either on it or voiced it and that’s what made me go out and get her CD/DVD Ask Me About My New God on Comedy Central Records.

Her bit about OKStupid and dating sites alone is genius enough to get this. I love finding new comedians re-instill my faith that Patton Oswalt and Louis CK aren’t a dying breed.

Do yourself a favor and buy it today, it will make you drive home better.



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