COMEDY WEEK- Kumail Nanjiani Beta Male

COMEDY WEEK- Kumail Nanjiani Beta Male

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Are you familiar with Kumail Nanjiani? No, well you should be! He’s been on tons of TV and movies that you’ve seen like Portlandia or The Five Year Engagement but the reason I’m talking about him is because this week is Comedy Week on Hollywookiee and today’s DVD of choice is:

Kumail Nanjiani- Beta Male

Kumail is gonna be huge like Dane Cook huge but actually funny. Kumail is the type of comedian I love, he tells stories to the point that everyone moans then pushes past the moan until people are laughing again.

Kumail Nanjiani- Beta Male is out now on Comedy Central Records, watch the DVD, Kumails delivery is hilarious and needs to be seen!



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