Return of the Jedi turns 30- it’s now safe to say I <3 Ewoks

Return of the Jedi turns 30- it's now safe to say I

When I first saw Jedi as a kid, I rooted for the Ewoks. I can admit that now, I have been to therapy and taken my Wicket stuffed animal with me. I loved them and their funny song and dance, the way they crushed Stormtroopers skulls and shot them in the backs with arrows or how they tried to burn alive and eat my heroes;Luke, Han, and Chewie. Those little guys knew how to party. Plus I got to love them even more after Jedi with their own TV movies!

It’s time to admit it too, YOU loved the Ewoks. Sure it’s cool to say you hated the little Wookiee wannabes, they might be small and I’m sure they were made to sell Star Wars toys to more girls and OK technically they aren’t “cool.” But dammit, they deserve your love! Without them we wouldn’t even have a Rebellion. Han and Leia would both be wearing slave girl outfits for the Emperors amusement. If science could make an ewok (out of some cross between a panda and dwarf DNA) you would want one! Hell, I would ride a tandem bike with an Ewok if I thought society could handle it. It’s time to let go and be true to yourself, Ewoks deserve our love.

So to give you some examples of why it’s now hip to love Ewoks, I present to you these:




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