BATES MOTEL..A boy, his mother and a weird ass town.

BATES MOTEL..A boy, his mother and a weird ass town.


Bates Motel is one of those ideas that I hear and think” wow that sounds HORRIBLE!” but then I hear one name and it changes everything. That name? Carlton Cuse, the man responsible for two of my favorite shows Nash Bridges and LOST. Before you start spouting how weak the ending of LOST was, let me stop you and say if you didn’t like the ending chances are you didn’t understand the ending. THEY WEREN’T DEAD THE WHOLE TIME.

Moving on, Nash Bridges and LOST are both very clever character driven shows where anything can and does happen and thats what Bates Motel is too. The town itself is just as much a part of the story as Norman and Norma. This modern day prequel to what happens to Norman Bates in Psycho is well thought out and goes in-depth into Norma who we knew next to nothing about from the movies. Norma it turns out may be just as messed up as Norman and the show does a great job of riding that very fine line of how far is too far.

Do yourself a favor and watch this show because I want to see where it’s going.

First up is Freddie Highmore talking about becoming Norman.

then a one question interview with Vera Farmiga(Norma)

Next up Norman’s half brother Dylan played by Max Thieriot

Then the beautiful Nicola Peltz

and a quick minute with the always amazing Nestor Carbonell

and on to the excutive producers, first up is Kerry Ehrin

and finally a man I have wanted to meet for a long time, the one, the only Mr. Carlton Cuse!



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