American Masters Mel Brooks:Make a Noise

American Masters Mel Brooks:Make a Noise


Last night at the Paley Center for Media a comic legend was honored. PBS showed a packed house a documentary more than 60 years in the making and I got to meet one of my comic idols, Mel Brooks.

This documentary written and directed brilliantly by Robert Trachtenberg, takes you from Mel’s birth in Brooklyn all the way through to today and somehow manages to do it in 90 minutes. It is jammed packed with interviews with Mel, his long time friends like Carl Reiner and dozens of the stars from his classic movies. I can’t even imagine how hard it was for Robert Trachtenberg to pick and choose what to keep in this show. I grew up with Mel Brooks movies, whenever we went to our local video store as a kid and I got to pick, I would ALWAYS pick Young Frankenstein. Hands down, one of the funniest movies ever made. When I got a little older and discover Blazing Saddles, that was it, I was a Mel Brooks fan for life.

Make sure you tune into American Masters: Mel Brooks airs on PBS on Monday, May 20, 2013, at 9:00 pm (ET/PT, check local listings)and released on DVD on May 21, 2013. This is not some boring, dusty old documentary, I personally guarantee you will laugh and you might even tear up a bit. American Masters have found a way to give you a person’s entire life with so much unseen material and interviews with their friends and family and you are mesmerized the entire time. Finally, Mel Brooks, thank you sir for everything you’ve done for the stage and screen and thank you sir for making a dream come true and letting me meet you and ask you a question, it truly was an honor.

First up on the press line was the moderator for the night, actor and director Richard Benjamin. I asked Richard about directing “My Favorite Year” a Mel Brooks produced movie based on Mel’s time on Show of Shows.
(sorry for the close shots but it got a little tight with fans running up)

Next was Richard Trachtenberg, the writer/director and after I saw it I am doubly amazed at how well he did to include so much great Mel Brooks in only 90 minutes.

and here is the brilliantly funny Carey Grant story on Johnny Carson.

And finally, a moment I never thought would happen, I had the amazing opportunity to ask Mel Brooks a question, now mind you I had 40 questions written down and about a million things I have always wanted to say to him but since I only had a minute or two before he had to go in for the showing, this is what I asked and let me take a second to thank Paley Center and everyone who gave me this mind blowing moment with Mel Brooks.




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