Superman Unbound- the best Superman yet!

Superman Unbound- the best Superman yet!


I know that saying the best Superman yet is a bold statement but trust me, they made a very bold statement with this graphic novel turned cartoon. This is the grittiest Superman to date, he has faults, makes mistakes and is a bit tougher than previous Superman movies but what makes this the best one yet is Supergirl. I never thought I would write that previous sentence but it’s true. They made Supergirl angsty, a real teenager with emotions and anger and Molly Quinn plays her to perfection. This Supergirl is lost from her family, coping with powers and feeling separated by them. She quickly makes you realize that this Supergirl isn’t one to be messed with, she’s not a side-kick, she is her own reluctant hero. You can tell that Molly thought about Supergirl’s origin and gave the performance depth, she didn’t make her a damsel in distress or play her older, she played her real and it shows in every scene. You can also tell that Molly Quinn is a pro at voice-over acting, she doesn’t overplay the voice and you get the feeling she is acting out every scene she does. I guarantee you will be waiting anxiously for every scene she is in, it’s a real treat that Supergirl is the tougher of the two. Plus they gave us a real villain for them to fight, Brainiac, this is the villain we wanted to see fight Supes and they never wimped out on the brutality that Superman can give when he’s angered or the methodical way Brainiac can inflict pain. I won’t spoil my favorite scene but it’s between Lois and Brainiac and it is hilarious! Buy this one and show it to anyone who’s not into cartoon superheroes and they will see how wrong they were. This is a superhero story for now and thankfully it never dumbs itself down for the audience and boy does it deliver on the action!

My vote for the Man of Steel sequel is make Molly Quinn the real life Supergirl, she deserves it and so do we!



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