Team Unicorn FTW

Team Unicorn FTW

When I think of Team Unicorn, I always think FTW. These geek and gamer girls videos keep getting better and better!
If you aren’t a card carrying member of the Unicorps not only are you missing out on +10 of awesomeness but you aren’t following one of the consistently amazing group of gorgeous women putting out the best content online.

For you newbs, Team Unicorn consists of Clare Grant, Michele Boyd, Milynn Sarley, and Rileah Vanderbilt. Find a hotter group of cool women, I dare you.
They are the real deal, gamer girls that could kick your lazy ass on just about any game,fans of Star Wars, anime, Lord Of the Rings, you name it. If you’re a fanboy of it chances are they are bigger fan-girls of it.

First up is their newest video with one of the best cameos ever.

Next we have the video that convinced me these girls deserve the rabid fans they have!

and finally don’t forget to vote for your favorite nerd girl of 2013!
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