OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN…and it was good

OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN...and it was good

I was lucky enough to see Olympus has Fallen a couple of weeks ago and my six word review is….holy shit stuff blew up everywhere.

The more detailed review is below.

Let me start by saying that I am not a Gerard Butler fan, I have nothing against the guy, I’m just not a fan and before you go freaking out, yes I liked 300 but he hasn’t done ANYTHING good since then. That is until now, holy shit Olympus has Fallen was a kick ass movie, expect reviews like “Die Hard in the White House” or “Butler is back and kicking ass!” The movie starts by letting you know that Mike Banning (played by Butler) will do anything to protect the President of the United States,anything. That is the most I can say without spoiling the whole beginning of this movie, flash forward a couple years to present time and this movie,just like in the headlines today, makes the North Koreans the bad guys hell bent on showing America that they are a force to be reckoned with and man did they come armed to the teeth. Banning is working a desk job when spoiler alert the North Koreans blow everything up in and around the White House. I swear the producers are having North Korea threaten America in real life just to viral advertise this flick. If so, well played Hollywood.

This movie did what I wanted the last Die Hard to do, have a shit ton of action and some witty dialogue and do it in a smart, fun way, unlike Die Hard, this movie delivered. The action is non-stop and it doesn’t hold back on the blood, bullets and one liners. Butler throws some one-liners and punches while trying his best to stop the terrorists that have taken over the White House and taken the President hostage. His John Mclane like , stuck in a bad situation just trying to get by attitude serves him well through the whole movie with very little “I call Bull shit that he could do that!” thrown in. This entire movie is one big explosion with a pretty intense story thrown in the middle of it. The guy sitting next to me jumped more than once and a few of the one-liners had the audience howling with laughter.

If you had bet me 3 years ago that I would be giving a Gerard Butler flick a great review, I would have laughed and asked if you had seen The Ugly Truth but nonetheless I am telling you to go see this movie. Aaron Eckhart is great as the President and Morgan Freeman is great at everything in life. This is the perfect popcorn flick, guys will see it for the action and girls will see it for Butler so win/win.


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