Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters World Premiere

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters World Premiere

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Last night I was lucky enough to go to the world premiere of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters at the Globe Theater in Universal City Walk, and damn do they know how to throw a party!

I walked past the gates of City Walk, up the red carpet towards the Globe Theater where a crowd that had gathered outside were given posters and swag, the celebs were being interviewed and standing there at the end of the carpet were the real stars, giant Autobots and Decepticons walking around taking photos with everyone who dared to get close enough. Just past these metal behemoths were two men I have always wanted to meet. I got to meet Peter Cullen and Frank Welker , the voices of Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively and it seriously was an honor, I have heard Optimus tell my toys to roll out since I was a kid and to hear that voice coming from a human was a little jarring,I kept waiting for him to transform into a truck and roll out. These men love what they do and have a fun time doing it.

From there we got to ride the ride (which if you haven’t been on it yet, book your trip to Universal NOW) I will admit that I’m a ride wimp and yes I was a little nervous of puking on the execs and creators of the show. But fear not, I held my own even while spinning away from giant Transformers and fireballs. Once I survived the ride I was let into the Globe Theater which had been transformed in purple lights and multiple screens with couches and chairs set up in front of them, on either side of the theater were drinks and popcorn and at the back was my favorite part, a candy bar with unlimited cake pops, candies and treats. Like I said, HUB seriously knows how to throw a party! As if all of this wasn’t enough I was about to watch the first 2 episodes of season three, Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters.

This is a brilliant cartoon, it has the action and voices of the movies packed into a smart script and this cartoon doesn’t dumb itself down for kids. I hate when cartoons think they need to dumb down content or simplify stories, so thank you Producers of this show. Season 3 starts off right where we left the Autobots, scattered and presumed dead. I won’t spoil what happens but be prepared for Predacons and action in this final season. Did you just read that? FINAL SEASON?!?! How is this show not a runaway hit? It’s great, smart and deserves season after season or full length movies!

SO tune into the HUB on March 22


For more info check out, for “Transformers Prime Beast Hunters” It will feature exclusive images and video clips, as well as a countdown clock for the season three premiere or go to the Hub’s Facebook and Twitter (@HubTVNetwork) for sneak peeks and exclusive content from the new season and extend the viewing experience with additional activities to engage fans of all ages.

“Transformers Prime Beast Hunter” is executive produced by Duane Capizzi (“The Batman,” “Superman: Doomsday”), Jeff Kline (“Jackie Chan Adventures,” “Men in Black: The Animated Series”), Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Cowboys & Aliens, and Transformers feature films and TV’s “Fringe” and “Hawaii Five-O”). Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, Josh Keaton, Jeffrey Combs, Kevin Michael Richardson, Ernie Hudson, Gina Torres, John Noble, GeorgeTakei, Markie Post, and Steve Blum lend their voices to the series, which is produced by Hasbro Studios.



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