Archer…the best animated show on TV

Archer...the best animated show on TV

If you aren’t watching Archer you are a bad person and no one loves you. If you are then way to go champ, you are part of the hippest crowd of TV loving people out there!
As you know from previous posts on Hollywookiee, Archer is brilliant, it’s the funniest most original take on spies since Get Smart and Lana is so freaking hot(yes I realize she’s animated, don’t care.) Every week it gives us an “Oh my God” moment and a gut busting laugh, when is the last time an animated show has done that? Family Guy? Sorry not for a while.

So every week Hollywookiee is proud to present a clip from the next weeks Archer, which airs Thursday nights at 10:00 PM ET/PT only on FX!



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