PLAYSTATION 4-now more play for your station!

PLAYSTATION 4-now more play for your station!


The next gen console war has started! Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 at an event in New York today and as expected it’s a powerhouse of a system. Gaming and graphics are definitely the main draw but Sony also promised social media and bizarre yet cool remote capabilities.

The first that I noticed is that the new PlayStation’s controller closely resembles that of the PlayStation 3, but with the addition of a touchpad, motion control and a “share” button. Sony said it will be the fastest, most powerful gaming network out there and that doesn’t surprise me at all, Sony is out to be the first, best next gen system. Like I said PlayStation 4’s main draw is definitely their fast graphic capabilities. In fact it’s so fast you’ll be able to create animation in 3-D using a Move motion controller — all in real time. Among the games being planned is “Drive Club.” An executive from Evolution Studios says it’s been a concept for a decade, but they can finally do it with the new machine. The game will be about “driving the best cars in the world in the best locations in the world.”

Like the Nintendo Wii U and Xbox 360, the PS4 will be an entertainment hub that can deliver movies, music and social networking. The PlayStation online network will have access to Sony’s video and music services, as well as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, you’ll also be able to access Facebook, so basically you will never have to leave your PS4 ever.

At the presentation today David Perry, co-founder of the Internet game company Gaikai, talked about Gaikai’s idea of letting people explore any game in the PlayStation store for free. The idea is similar to what apps do now, you can see if you like it before you by it. He says PlayStation 4 will also allow for virtual spectating. With one button, you can broadcast your game play so friends can “look over your shoulder virtually.” It will have a feature called remote play, in which you run the game on the PlayStation, which then sends the video to your handheld PlayStation Vita device over the Internet so you can play remotely.



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