The Kentucky Derby Prelude Party 2013

The Kentucky Derby Prelude Party 2013


Hollywood is amazing, you can go to just about any city or country or planet with just Hollywood magic. If that wasn’t cool enough Hollywood parties can whisk you off to Kentucky yet you’re still right in the heart of Hollywood AND since it’s inspired by southern hospitality it’s all for a good cause!
The cause for its third year is Blessings in a backpack, an amazing charity that for $80 can feed a child for a year. This amazing non-profit program is designed to feed elementary school children whose families qualify for the federal Free and Reduced Price Meal program, and have little to no food on the weekends. So not only does Hollywood’s finest get a great party Emceed by Bob Guiney and created by Tonya York Dees and Tammy York Days it also has a silent auction and amazing food from Kern’s Kitchen.The event was held the London Hotel in West Hollywood and this year’s guests included: George Lazenby, Marisa Quinn, Colin Egglesfield, Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed, Kate Flannery, Elise Neal, Ella Joyce, Jason London, Cris Judd, Anthony Anderson, Quinton Aaron, Keith Robinson, Omar Benson Miller, Hank Baskett, Aldis Hodge, Edwin Hodge, Natalie Cole, Glynn Turman, D.B. Sweeney, Warren Moon, Bob Guiney, Jenni Pulos, Soulja Boy, Jerry Mathers, Joann Worley, and Adrian Zmed.

I personally love this event because it gives me a chance to interview some of my favorites like Bob Guiney (the nicest guy), Marisa Quinn (from a little movie called Twilight, she is breathtakingly gorgeous! So gorgeous in fact my camera couldn’t eve take her beauty and froze up, which is odd because usually it’s me freezing up in front of beauties of her caliber) but it also gives me a chance to interview one of my idols George Lazenby, 007 himself! Lazenby gets a bad rep and for no good reason. His portrayal of James Bond was fantastic, just watch On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and tell me you don’t get choked up at the end! There wasn’t anyone that could follow Connery and not get destroyed by the critics and I think Lazenby kind of knew it. He could have done the best Bond ever and still wouldn’t have been given a chance. So I was ecstatic to get a chance to meet him let alone talk to him. He was cool and just a bit scary to talk to and it was truly an honor to meet him.

So first up watch me stammer through an interview with Mr. George Lazenby himself.

Then lets meet our wonderful Hostesses Tonya York Dees and Tammy York Days, they bring true southern hospitality to Hollywookiee.

then I got to interview Bob Guiney, a funny guy with a great voice. He and Scott Grimes performed at this event last year and blew me away. I have to say he’s one of the nicest, funniest guys I’ve met.

next up is something I’ve never seen, my camera froze when I started interviewing Marisa Quinn, so you will have to take my word that she remembered me 🙂 Here is the take 2 when I had to use my back up camera to get this interview.

Wait really?!? I had a chance to talk with Marisa and that’s all I asked?!?! Next time I swear I will ask her more 🙂

Then another beauty, the timeless Kate Linder of The Young and The Restless.

Glynn Turman of House of Lies and John Dies at the End stopped for a quick chat!

Like I said above, the fun of this party is meeting new people that are so full of life that I will watch anything they are on, Ella Joyce and Elise Neal are two great examples of this. They are on TV One’s new comedy Belle’s, and I for one can’t wait to watch…

then the closest Hollywookiee has come to a Jennifer Love Hewitt interview, an interview with her co-star Colin Egglesfield, a cool guy that was nice enough to joke around for a bit on the red carpet with me.

Then it’s rare to meet a music icon and even rarer to find out how gracious she is! Miss Natalie Cole came up and chatted for a bit about an upcoming project

Finally you can watch an interview with Richard Kind go off the rails with talk of nude hot jockey pictures and a random guy walking up and getting in the middle of things.



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