read Django Unchained

read Django Unchained

Django Unchained is the best movie I have seen in years! Tarantino has done it again, he has brought back a genre that should have never left. If you ask 20 somethings today about Spaghetti westerns I can guarantee they haven’t seen any and most only know them from the Clint Eastwood posters. Tarantino has done for spaghetti westerns what he did for kung fu movies and what he wanted to do with grindhouse movies. He has made it cool again, he brought out amazing performances from unlikely sources(to some not me) actors likes Tom Wopat and Don Johnson. I could have watched another hour of Django easily!!! Which makes me wonder…
Why did Zoe Bell have such a small part with no lines?
Did Tom Savini have any lines?
Why the hell was Jonah Hill in it?
What was left out that Tarantino had written?
Well all of these questions (expect the Jonah Hill one) might be answered if you read the script that the Weinsteins posted here



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