An orphaned boy grows up to be a millionaire playboy with a secret identity and penchant for ladies and revenge. In this film his nemesis is a crazed, dis-figured psycho hell bent on anarchy and revenge against society…wait a second. Anyhow, this orphan who was taught to fight from a young age is showing his age and his scarred muscled body, he must find himself to become the hero he was meant to be and overcome the psycho blowing up the city around him….no seriously wait a second… did I just see Dark Knight Returns??? Well in this Bond film they might have stolen heavily from Batman but at least they don’t tell you the ENTIRE movie in the opening credits…oh wait they did. I loved this movie just like every Bond film, they continued to push the Bond character closer to what we’ve known and loved, re-introduced us to some old characters and still let Daniel Craig make Bond his own. I loved the action and more importantly I loved the story, something that was seriously missing from Quantum of Solace.
Go see this Bond and just pretend I didn’t tell you about the whole movie in the opening credits thing.



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