Pick your favorite nerd girl!

Pick your favorite nerd girl!

The votes are pouring in for the girls, I have disabled comments but don’t worry , every comment with a vote is being counted.

So far Team Unicorn girl’s are neck and neck, so take a second and comment below with your choice!
The hottest nerd girl of 2013 will be chosen in April so make your voice heard!!!!

It’s been over a year since you chose Clare Grant as Hollywookiee’s hottest nerd girl of 2011 and it’s time to start thinking of who will be on that list next.

So! Comment below on who your favorite nerd girl is and we will start widdling them down until we find the top ten nerd girls of 2012

here’s a small list of contenders:

Obviously the rest of Team Unicorn have to be nominated so lets start with the crowd favorite unicorn, the gorgeous Michele Boyd, gamer, nerd, gorgeous, yep she makes the list.

then Rileah Vanderbilt, again obviously beautiful and obviously nerdy. To save time I will just say that all of Team Unicorn deserve to be nominated.


and of course last years winner Clare

another girl that made it on the list last year is back for possible nominations
Alison Haislip

now someone you might not know as well but definitely nerdy and definitely beautiful, Ashley Esqueda.

Does this blogger and gamer from http://ashleyesqueda.com have what it takes to be one of the top 10 nerd girls of 2012? You tell us!!!!
These are just the beginning of nominations so tell us who and tell us why and next month the winner will be announced!!!


Contact: curt@hollywookiee.com

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