Horrible news

Horrible news

I won’t talk too much about the tragic events that happened at the midnight showing in Colorado. The main thing I want everyone to know is everyone here at hollywookiee has the family members of the victims in our hearts and minds. Such pointless hatred affects so many and we are heartbroken that so many were hurt last night.

I won’t give the gunman any more publicity by giving out his name or posting his image. He’s evil and should rot in Hell. For more coverage please check cnn.com or any online news agency.

The last thing I will say is this had nothing to do with The Dark Knight Rises. He would have found another outlet for his hatred if that screening wasn’t happening. He’s sick and evil and talking about how this will effect the box office or the movie should never be even brought up. The only thing that matters is what happened to those innocent people that just wanted to go and have a fun night.

~Curt Sandvig


Contact: curt@hollywookiee.com

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