Last night at the beautiful Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills a million screaming girls all wearing Captain Hammer or Firefly shirts converged…what does this mean? Is it a sign of the apocalypse? Nope, it just meant Nathan Fillion was going to show up and talk about his newest,cult favorite show Castle. Do I even need to tell you what Castle is about? No, good, then let’s move on to the important stuff. Unfortunately due to timing of the Paleyfest event I didn’t get a chance to talk to the Canadian Han Solo himself but Elisa and I did get to talk to the cast and find some things out about whats next for Rick Castle and company.

What did we find out?
ZOMBIES. Yes I said zombies, it’s been hinted at for a little while but it’s official zombies will make an appearance.

Speaking of making appearances, Adam Baldwin will make an appearance as Detective Slaughter.

For even more tidbits watch these videos.

I would like to thank Elisa, The Lippin Group, and the Paley Center for Media for another year of fantastic panels



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