Sons of Anarchy is right there with Breaking Bad as one of the smartest, oh shit I didn’t see that coming, type of shows on TV today. I wish the seasons were longer and closer together so I could get my biker gang fix from the safety of my home but even those 3 short months of intense television is enough to make those 9 months without fly by. Sons of Anarchy isn’t just a Biker gang show though it’s a family show, a show about love and brotherhood and a show that grows so organically season after season and one that will never hold back punches or kill off your favorite characters. Its a show without a safety net that will keep you guessing and will piss you off when each episode ends because you want more. This type of show doesn’t come around often and when it does you should be watching. Yes it’s sometimes hard to watch Katey Sagal, NOT because she was Peggy Bundy, but because she plays Gemma so superbly, so real that when domestic violence occurs you feel for her as a person not as a character. Every character is written and played so honestly that you feel as though you know these characters as friends and enemies and Clay is the person you love to hate.

Paleyfest 2012 included Sons of Anarchy and not surprisingly it was an R-rated languaged panel full of fun stories, interesting questions and the some sercrets.

What secrets?:

Otto won’t play a significant role in season 5
season 5 will start one month after season 4
Juice and Jax will struggle to keep their secrets from the gang
Clay will be back in SAMCRO and this will be one of the major season arcs.
for more info lets watch videos, because seriously its way better than reading…unless it’s Twilight.(please note Twilight is not better in book or film form and isn’t interesting in the slightest)

thank you again to the Lippin Group and The Paley Center for Media.



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