Parks and Recreation filled in for The Office at the Paleyfest last night and I couldn’t have been more excited. I think that if you’re a fan of The Office then you should be a fan of Parks and Rec too, the “not really a spin-off” spin off. This show gets better with every episode, the show has really grown into a fantastic comedy with heart, that can be zany and heartwarming all in one episode. Andy and April are the cutest, oddest couple on TV and if you follow Ron Swanson’s weekly advice your life will be better. Besides everything we learned in the wonderful interviews by the cast below we learned some tidbits on the panel like:

They filmed two endings to this season, we will have a resolution to Leslie Knope’s campaign. Will she win or lose is still a mystery but they filmed it both ways too not only confuse any would be snoops but to also decide which way they want next season to go.

Ben and Leslie are together for good.

Glee’s Mike O’Malley will make an appearance this season

Bradley Whitford’s guest appearance will include a West Wing-style walk and talk.

Jean Ralphio will make one more appearance this seaon.

The Tammy’s will only make one appearance per season, since they are such overpowering characters.

We also got a sneak peek at the made up TV show Philly Justice starring Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Paul Rudd(who gets re-cast by Dylan McDermott then Dermot Mulrooney) and Katherine Hahn from “2003”. This is what the cast does during their downtime of filming the show to crack each other up and confuse the show creator Michael Schur, they created not only a ficticious TV show but they came up with character back stories, plots and re-casts. After the panel they showed us the season 4 gag reel and it had “commercials” for Philly justice in it that were hysterical.

The fact that this is a bubbly show pisses me off, it’s a brilliant comedy with some of the funniest people on TV and shows like this and Community struggling makes me weep for the general TV audience. START WATCHING THESE SHOWS!!!NOW!

My love for Aubrey Plaza is still unrequited because I assume noone told her I would be on the red carpet so she had no reason to show up but I did get to tell Chris Pratt how much Mouserat needs to do a full show and release a full cd, fingers crossed I will be rocking out to Mouserat soon enough. SO WATCH THIS SHOW DAMMIT!

First up is self proclaimed nerd and show creator Michael Schur, not only funny brilliant creator of Parks and Rec, he’s also Mose from The Office!

next was Dan Goor(executive producer and writer) and Dean Holland(producer and director) 2 very funny, very cool guys

next was the hilarious Retta/Donna Meagle…a nerd where it counts, ZOMBIE TV!

next up Andy Dwyer!!!! MOUSERAT RULES!!!


as always I would like to thank the LIPPIN GROUP and the Paley Center for Media