The 29th annual Paleyfest started last night at the Beautiful art deco Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills and keeping true to its form it chose to start with a TV show that is an instant cult hit and an either you love it or hate style, American Horror Story.

American Horror Story is yet another show on a long list of cable shows that proves that audiences are out there that love unusual, well written, intelligent shows with great casts. For every Jersey Shore fan out there is a TV fan longing for a show that surprises and enthralls with every episode and that is exactly what American Horror Story does best. The panel included the creators and cast of the show and no topic was too taboo. When Dylan McDermott was asked was it difficult masturbating and crying he responded ” which time? On camera or in my trailer?” That’s the beauty of the Paleyfest panels they always entertain and you never know what’s going to happen.
The always amazing Jessica Lange was the hit of the crowd, with question after question asked about the bizarre, yet fan favorite Constance and while we know that next season will be a new location and a new group of characters we now know that Zachary Quinto and Jessica Lange will return in Season 2 as major characters and that additional returning cast members will include Evan Peters (Tate), Sarah Paulson (Billie Dean), and Lily Rabe (Nora). Who they will be is still a mystery but we do know that it will take place on the east coast at some sort of institution and the 3d teaser poster confirms something to that effect. Even though creator Ryan Murphy loves the ghosts that became the backbone of the first season, he said next season will have a different vibe in the horror genre bit did guarantee one thing “no vampires or werewolves.”

As much as I loved the panel last night I would have loved to had the moderator ask Alexandra Breckenridge questions, her portrayal as young Moira was incredible, beyond the obvious sexual intensity she had, she was the most unique twist on a ghost I had ever seen and Moira is one of the saddest characters on a show filled with sadness and heartbreak.

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