Kevin Pereira, the host of Attack of the Show, had a dream… a dream to create Leet up. What the F is Leet up? Well it’s a nerd’s paradise covered in awesomesauce!
Held at Club Nokia, Leet up was live podcasting with the podcasting greats like Kevin Smith, Chris Hardwick, Doug Benson and Greg Fitzsimmons…but wait there’s more! It also featured a panel with Felicia Day and Harley from Epic Meal Time, too much show for one night you ask??? Well don’t ask that yet because there was ALSO Ask a Ninja, VJ Mike Relm and Jimmy Pardo! All this shoved into Club Nokia with Bucky balls, vintage arcade cabinets, nerd art and more like some kind of Turducken of nerd things.

Was it everything I wanted at a nerdfest? No, but for a first try it was a blast, I suited up as a Ghostbuster and there were a smattering of cosplayers in attendance. My hope is that the next one will have more cosplayers and less douches looking to hit on cosplayers (hey, I can dream)

So well played Mr Pereira, well played! Throw another party and I will be there in full Ghostbuster gear…just in case.


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