Greedo shot first.

Greedo shot first.

George Lucas wants to clear some things up, Greedo always shot first.
You know what, that’s fine with me. This is George Lucas’ world so who am I to say otherwise. I’m just happy he created 3 of my favorite movies ever and gave me a great childhood filled with books and toys and games and memories.

So all of you George Lucas haters can say what you want but you all know that the original trilogy was brilliant and the prequels were made for an entirely new generation and my nephews love them as much as I love the originals. I really don’t get the Lucas backlash, if you want the originals before the special editions they are out there, if you don’t want to see the prequels in 3d then don’t go, it’s that easy. Have you all forgotten how much you loved the originals and how much of your childhood is thanks to George Lucas???
Between the original trilogy and the Indiana Jones movies he can never do anything wrong in my eyes. If you don’t like his new work then just enjoy his old work.

Curt Sandvig