more celeb interviews than you can shake a stick at..please don’t.

more celeb interviews than you can shake a stick at..please don't.

I have been slacking off lately and to make up for it here are a plethora of celeb interviews…is plethora right? a gaggle? an amalgam? a school? I don’t know, google whatever a large quantity of celeb videos and then you’ll know and as you know…KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! G.I. JOE!

let’s start with Alexander Nifong. Trust me, he will be a household name soon enough, from Glee to Pretty Little Liars, this cool guy is taking America by storm one pre-teen girl at a time.
You may ask yourself, why was this shot in sepia and the answer is, it wasn’t, my stupid flip is deciding what lame features to enable as I film. So enjoy this olde tyme looking video.

Now let’s talk to the cast from The Office, a show that lost it’s main star this year but has managed to prove that a truly talented ensemble is strong enough to hold its own.

first up is Kate Flannery

and now Oscar Nunez…there’s nothing like stumbling over the first 5 words you say during an interview.

now let’s move on to Gary Cole, the man, the myth, the legend.

if you like Scott Grimes well then boy are you going to love the next two videos.
The first is Scott Grimes at the Paley Center For Media’s American Dad panel

and the next one is a more shadowy view of Scott Grimes, the things that happened in this video were so wrong that they could only be filmed in the shadows of the Kentucky Derby Prelude Party. Sure the entire red carpet was lit up but being the cool Film Noire kind of guy that I am I chose to let your mind’s eye picture what is happening.
So sit back and enjoy “In the shadows with Scott Grimes and Bob Guiney”:

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking sure Curt can nerd out over today’s top celebrities but what about celebrities from the golden age of TV? Well the answer is yes, yes I can. Behold me geeking out because of Jerry Mathers, the Beav himself from Leave it to Beaver.

now let’s speak with the Nerdist himself. Chris Hardwick, the multi-talented actor, host, podcaster and all around cool guy

I have lots more videos for you but I think this is all you can handle for now.
Check back often and look out for the all new web page coming soon!