let’s talk about Napoleon Dynamite…wait what?

let's talk about Napoleon Dynamite...wait what?

Napoleon Dynamite is back…seven years later.
I loved Napoleon Dynamite as much as anyone when it came out, I bought a Vote for Pedro shirt just like you and I quoted the movie then after a few years my love for all things Napoleon Dynamite faded away and I was happy. I was happy that Hollywood didn’t crank out 2 more movie just to cash in on the craze, movies that would have been pale imitations of that first insanely original film. So why am I talking about Napoleon Dynamite now? Because the brilliant minds behind it have gathered together the talented cast and made a cartoon series. I was lucky enough to go the Napoleon Dynamite panel at the Paley Center and meet up with the cast and creators, chat with them and realize they are all genuinely excited about this project. I then got to see why, I was able to watch the first episode and fall in love with these characters all over again!
Watch this cartoon, don’t let it suffer the same fate as the Clerks cartoon. This one deserves to be on for years and maybe one day I will get to see the Bigfoot VS. Napoleon episode I want to see.

Enjoy the interview, sadly my brand new Kodak flip sucks and the only video I have to upload right now is from the incredibly nice and talented Dierdrich Bader. I will keep attempting to get the other videos to NOT play like the high speed chase from a Benny Hill episode! Stay tuned!


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