Young Adult…now with more C*nty face

Young with more C*nty face

I was lucky enough to see a screening of Young Adult at the New Beverly and like everything at the New Bev it was a way better experience then I had expected. First Patton Oswalt, Charlize Theron, Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman were there and then I got to watch something I hadn’t expected. A seriously dark, depressing, AMAZING film.
Charlize Theron was incredible at making me hate her more and more throughout the film and yet still feel sorry for her. She gave a brave performance of a washed up writer who never got over her high school boyfriend and tries to prove to herslef that he still loves her and she doesn’t care who she has to hurt in the process. Patton Oswalt is brilliant again, he is such an under-rated dramatic actor, he’s honest, caring, sad, and inspiring in this performance. This movie takes you along on a dark ride and thankfully doesn’t “Hollywood” up the story. Diablo Cody wrote an honest, maybe life mirroring, story and brings you along to witness Charlize being “cunty face” no matter what you want to happen. I walked out of the screening feeling like I just witnessed a fight at a restaurant that was embarassing for everyone involved, I felt like I should have looked away from the screen and pretended like I couldn’t hear what was being said and that is the mark of brilliant script.
Diablo Cody could have given us another fun loving, awkward Juno script but instead she came out both barrels blazing and made us watch a dark but oh so fucking beautiful movie.

I can sum up this entire review in four words: GO SEE THIS MOVIE.



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