TOP 10 non- Christmas CHRISTMAS MOVIES

TOP 10 non- Christmas CHRISTMAS MOVIES

Top 10 Christmas movies
Are you sick of watching It’s A Wonderful Life and other outdated Christmas movies? Does the thought of hearing Holly Jolly Christmas make you curl up into the fetal position? Well Fear not because we here at Hollywookiee have made you a list of wonderful Christmas movies that you probably haven’t thought of watching to get into the Christmas spirit.

10.1941- This under-rated comedy starring John Belushi and directed by Steven Spielberg takes place the weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor, chaos ensues during the Christmas holiday.

9.L.A. Confidential- I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking” Curt, how does this bizarre movie fit in with Christmas?” and my answer is shut up and watch the movie! It freaking starts off with a Christmas party at a police station that goes terribly wrong. Right from the start it has Christmas written all over it.

8.Fast Times at Ridgemont High – OK this one you’ll just have to trust me on, they are all working during the Christmas season at mall jobs so it counts… basically I just wanted a reason to post this Phoebe Cates photo.

7.Lethal Weapon- Wow , three cop movies in one list NOT about cop movies, that’s a record folks!

6.Better Off Dead – Gee, I’m real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky. I almost put One Crazy Summer on this list because of the dead XMas tree on the roof of the car so if you are still not feeling in the Christmas spirit just consider One Crazy Summer to be a bonus movie for you.

5.Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- if you haven’t seen this movie you are stupid.

4.Ghostbusters 2- You could argue that I just like having Ghostbusters posts and that may be true BUT this movie does have Christmas in it, they even wear Santa hats on!

3.Trading Places- brilliant comedy starring two of the best comedians in 80’s cinema.

2.Gremlins- God I live that little mogwai!

and the number one Christmas movie on this list is…..

1.Die Hard- it’s Christmas eve in LA and New York cop John McClane has come to see his wife, instead he’s going to have to save her….



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