The Muppets

The Muppets

I had been waiting to review The Muppets until I saw it twice, I knew the first time I’d watch it would be through the eyes of a lifelong muppet fan feeling like he was 7 again. I loved it the first time and loved it even more the second time. Would I have changed some things in it? Yes, Pepe has become a fan favorite Muppet but due to the story restrictions, he was delegated to cameo. That being said I think they treated the Muppets with as much respect as Jim Henson would have if he made a movie in today’s more cynical world. This is the perfect “let’s introduce The Muppets to a whole new generation” movie, it shows what they were and how they are still relevant today and I can’t wait to see what they will do with the sequel, the origins stories have been told and now the Muppets are free to be and do anything they want and this excites me. So take your kids if you have any and if you don’t take yourself because you will see things you haven’t seen since The Muppet Show was on TV and you will feel things you haven’t felt in a very long time, good old fashioned family fun with laughter and tears throughout. So it’s time to raise the curtains, it’s time to light the lights…



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