WHOA Glee overstepped its cover songs!

WHOA Glee overstepped its cover songs!

Last night’s Glee introduced a lame character leprechaun Larry or something stupid like that, a two dimensional character that’s an exchange student from Ireland staying with Brittany and she thinks he’s a leprechaun. I love anything that has to do with Brittany but this storyline is sad for a bunch of reasons: 1. he’s only playing along to get in her pants 2. Finn finds out about this and is fine??? 3. HE’S A HORRIBLE STEREOTYPE!!! All of this is bad enough but that’s not the worst part, so Leprechaun dumb-ass is bullied by everyone at this school as is everyone (in an alternate universe every bully at McKinley High has been gunned down by now) so Leprechaun is walking down the hallway when a familiar melody starts playing “It’s Not That Easy Being Green” this is NOT cool, no one but Kermit should EVER sing this song! Glee you have dropped the ball bigtime and you need to step up your game quick or I go from Gleek to casual viewer.


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