Archer’s back…with a sploosh.

Archer's back...with a sploosh.

H. Jon Benjamin is the best voice over actor since Patrick Warburton which made the season 3 premiere of Archer that much more amazing when a new character, Rip Riley, appeared and he’s voiced by Patrick FREAKING Warburton! This season picks up 3 months later, Archer has disappeared after witnessing Katya’s murder by the bionic Barry Dillon at their wedding. ISIS is now running smoother with no sexual harassment complaints or Archer’s extravagant spending and the only person intent on finding Archer is his mother. She hires Rip Riley, who I’m betting we find out is Archer’s dad, to track him down since ISIS has failed. Rip almost immediately finds Archer on a tropical island working as a bartender and banging newlywed women plus continuing in the Archer tradition of having Arrested Development cast members do voices we even get some David Cross goodness in this episode. You’ll have to watch the episode to see what happens next but I can tell you I’m soooo happy Archer is back, this is the bizarre comedy my TV has been lacking since Archer finished up last season. This show is by far the best cartoon on TV today and definitely the only one that surprises me week to week.



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