Whitney: more balls in one video than most amateur porn

Whitney: more balls in one video than most amateur porn

I am a huge Whitney Cummings fan and even I’m sick of seeing a billboard, bus stop poster, bus ad, magazine ad everywhere you look, so much so that I had planned on boycotting her show out of spite. That is until I met her and the amazingly talented cast at the Paley Center for Media’s fall TV preview night last night and I fell in love with Whitney all over again. Whitney Cummings is one of the funniest, most gorgeous, nicest person you could talk to, she has the edge to her that you love from her stand up and roasts and maybe it was just that she had been drinking wine but she was also the most endearing, honest person as well. You can watch the videos for proof of this and I apologize for the extreme close ups in the videos, it was sooooo loud in there it was the only way to film and have a conversation without a megaphone.
I stayed for the panel and the screening of the pilot as well and I have to say that even though its a prime time sitcom they still managed to put some seriously edgy jokes in there and put Whitney in a sexy nurse costume so trust me I will be watching this show every week. I was really worried about how watered down Whitney was going to be on this and it was very apparent that everyone on the show knew they had to maintain the Whitney we’ve come to love and still appease the censors and it has to be a fine line but from what I saw they walk that line well.

The only real spoiler from the panel was that Maulik Pancholy’s character Neal will propose to his girlfriend on the show played by Zoe Lister Jones, Whitney immediately shouted out “NO TWEETING THIS!” and if you check twitter.com/hollywookiee you will see that I never tweeted it and she never said anything about not posting it on my website. I love Maulik on the show but this better not interfere with Jonathan on 30 Rock, Maulik said to me and on the panel that he has every intention of working both shows but there might be some scheduling conflicts and Jonathan might be seen a little less.

Enjoy the videos and I honestly think that if you loved Mad About You or Friends you will love Whitney.


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