Sons Of Anarchy Returned in style

Sons Of Anarchy Returned in style

SOA is back and thank God because I needed my motorcycle gang fix. This season picked up 14 months later with the guys all getting out of prison. Obviously sh*t has happened to them on the inside, Jax was shived by the russian mob but he has also changed and not just his way better hair cut, he seems to have grown to realize where his gang is leading him.

Opie, who does his best to look like Chewbacca, marries Lyla and it seems like he is definitely over the murder of his wife finally. I don’t really like just telling you what happened in an episode because I think TV should be watched not read and no matter how well I describe something it will never live up to seeing it. I will say I love the change that has happened in Charming while the guys were away, finally they have real law enforcement to deal with and this sheriff looks like he’s going to push them around the entire season. I think the show needed the new enemy angle and it being the law finally makes SAMCRO realize they need to change how they do business. I love the progression of all the characters, the actors had settled into their characters perfectly by last season and the depth of this season will make for a more chraracter filled show. Not to give anything away but the show hasn’t lost the “WOW I didn’t see that coming” curveball and this opening episode had a couple of those. There is NO reason you shouldn’t be watching this show, it is brilliantly written, superbly acted and just an amazing show all around. HEAR THAT ACADEMY MEMBERS?!?! Give this show some love dammit!



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