Criminal Minds is back and the gangs all here!

Criminal Minds is back and the gangs all here!

Last season Criminal Minds did two things wrong, first they fired AJ Cook six episodes into the season THEN they let Paget Brewster’s character Emily Prentiss die(OK they did this so Paget could film a pilot that in my mind luckily wasn’t picked up.)
So before I go any farther **********SPOILER ALERT*********************
It’s not that big of a secret but I still don’t want anyone crying in the comments, they are BOTH back for season 7!!!!!
Last night at the Paley Center for Media’s TV Guide Fall Tv Preview night (the first of many you will read about here) the entire cast of Criminal Minds came out to do a panel and tease fans about what They’d be seeing in the upcoming season.

I will let the cast speak for themselves with all juicy details and gossip int he following videos.

and just so the girls don’t get angry there are pix of Matthew Gray Gubler below



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