If you haven’t seen Heatvision and Jack you are missing out,boy are you in for a treat!!! It’s weird writing a review for something that came out over 10 years ago and yet was never aired. So not only will you get the review but I will include the episode until as long as it takes the corporate big wig lawyers to take them down. Ben Stiller Jack Black and Owen Wilson teamed up to make this absurdly awesome show about astronaut Jack Austin(played by Jack Black) who during a mission to explore solar radiation got too close to the sun and is now 3 times smarter than the smartest man on Earth whenever the sun is out. He travels around with his old roomate Doug, who was turned into a motorcycle by an experimental raygun, the duo fights crime, and long for the days when they weren’t super-smart or a motorcycle (respectively).
Think Six Million Dollar Man type effects with Knight Rider thrown in for good measure. It’s hilariously bad with classic lines like”All monkey-sluts shall be absorbed!” and “Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.”

This show should’ve been the hit of the century, it’s hilarious and any nerd would love it yet it never aired. There were rumors of it being turned into a movie but I couldn’t find anything new on the subject whilest scouring the interwebs.

So watch the evil Ron Silver (yes playing a version of himself) hunt Jack Austin and his faithful companion Heatvision.

if for some reason part 2 is being a dick and won’t link here, it’s not hard to find on youtube and if all of these do get taken down scour the internet and nerd flea markets and FIND A COPY!!!!


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