some crap that’s different on blu ray

some crap that's different on blu ray

Yep it’s different. Yep, now you can say well then I just won’t buy them or I will only buy them when the originals I saw as a kid come out. Yep, you will buy them on Blu Ray anyways so get over and watch these clips.

Blinking Ewoks

Obi-Wan’s Krayt Dragon scream that no one ever in the world had a problem with has been changed.

a whole lotta NOOOOOOOOO’S

and of course a CGI Yoda, that I think looks better so there.

and remember when you were a kid and you thought “I would have thought Jabba’s door would have been bigger” well guess what!?!? Now it is!

and a God I hope this is fake clip

and to no one’s surprise yes Greedo still shoots first

and finally the best thing that has been changed on Blu ray



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