new nerd toys coming to a galaxy near you…

new nerd toys coming to a galaxy near you...

It’s almost Christmas time, a magical time where it is acceptable for non nerds to buy nerds geeky toys!!!
So what do we have to look forward to this year???
First for you Star Wars fans out there is this great Boba Fett Xmas statue

only $49.99 at Entertainment Earth

How about a little Star Trek Klingon Monopoly!!! Yeah I know, I have like 5 copies of Monopoly too but this one looks amazing!!!

limited to just 1,701, here’s a bonus video of the making of it for you!

Not a Trekker? Well relax because there’s also a TARDIS safe!

only $42.99/Pre-Order for January 2012 here

If you like Dr. Jones then Sideshow collectibles is going to make you scream like Kate Capshaw in Temple of Doom
first up is the City of Tanis – Map Room 12″ Figure Environment. Perfect for your lil 12″ Indy.

$199.99 Estimated to Arrive 1st Quarter 2012 sideshow go to Sideshow
next is the incredibly detailed Chalice of Kali Prop Replica for $199.99 expectd 3rd quarter 2012

and finally is the Ghostbuster’s Trap TOY set for October.

for any toys I didn’t include links on, see this thing you are reading my website on??? It’s called a computer!!! Find it yourself!!!



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