new Star Wars footage…that doesn’t suck.

new Star Wars footage...that doesn't suck.

Ever since I saw The Empire Strikes Back trailer in the movie theatre when I was a kid(yes I’m old) I have wanted to see the Wampas tearing the empire and rebels a new one in the ice caves of Hoth, I knew it existed because of a 3 second clip of C3P0 tearing off a wampa warning label in the trailer. I have always, always wanted to see the footage and now thanks to the Star Wars Saga Blu-rays, I will!!
Not only that but Luke building his own lightsaber and the sandstorm scene on Tatooine. This footage alone makes up for the fact that I’m purchasing the trilogy AGAIN on a new format!!! Now can we all agree that blu-ray is perfect enough and we promise we won’t create something even better that I will have to replace all my movies with again.
Anyhow, back to Star Wars, enjoy this video!



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