As unbelievable as it sounds the Debbie Reynolds collection/auction last month which had hundreds of items and made over $22.8 million dollars wasn’t everything Debbie had collected over the years. I know what you’re thinking well all of the good stuff was in the FIRST auction. Let me tell you, you’d be wrong. The second edition of her collection was unveiled last night at The Paley Center for Media and I was shocked at the amazing collection that Profiles in History and Debbie Reynolds set up. Everything from Rat Pack tuxedos, Marilyn Monroe’s outfit from Bus Stop, Harrison Ford’s suit from Air Force One, every corner of the Paley Center had iconic costumes from every genre of movie over the past 80 years.
If you are in Los Angeles or planning on visiting before December 3rd, I HIGHLY recommend going to the Paley center and seeing this exhibit and honestly with so many private buyers buying up Hollywood memorabilia from around the world, there’s a good chance you will never see this stuff in person again.

Debbie Reynolds and her friends showed up to view the exhibition and it was a personal honor for me to be on this red carpet, I witnessed Debbie and Mitzi Gaynor dance for the press, Rip Taylor be the insanely funy Rip Taylor that I’ve seen on my TV forever, Florence Henderson goose Debbie, it was just a fun and heartfelt red carpet. Debbie was saying how hard it was to part with her collection at first but seeing the genuine love and respect for her collection made it easier the second time around and everyone at the event couldn’t belive that they were seeing all of the wonderful golden age of Hollywood right there in front of them, myself included.

Check out the links below and make sure you visit and/or bid on something during this once of a lifetime event!!!
The Paley Center
Profiles in History



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