got toys? Shrunken Head Studios will make them cooler!!!

got toys? Shrunken Head Studios will make them cooler!!!

Everyone knows that toys aren’t just crappy 6 inch versions of our favorite characters from our favorite nerdy movies anymore. So many great companies are coming out with detailed replicas that look so amazing, people are displaying them like the sculptures they are. But what do you do when you want to add realism and add some extra things to your figures?
Well stop thinking because I’m about to tell you, you get Bits and Pieces from the incredible new company Shrunken Head Studios! (

They just came out with an incredibly detailed new set called Bits and Pieces, a selection of the most realistically gruesome accessories that will make any horror fan proud. From the Woodsman axe with bloody bandages on the handle(my personal favorite) to a machete, a meat cleaver, a medieval axe, a severed arm, and an insanely cool severed head. If you have any 12 inch figures at home these appropriately called bits and pieces will make them stand out. Seriously check out the website and order a couple and thank me later. Get these now because at how inexpensive and incredibly detailed they are you know they won’t last!
Click here for the Bits and Pieces



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